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Best Vegan Restaurants in London

London’s transformation into a hub for vegan and vegetarian cuisine reflects the city’s dynamic and evolving culinary scene. Embracing the vegan movement with open arms, London offers an impressive and diverse array of vegan restaurants, making it a paradise for plant-based dining enthusiasts. In this guide, we dive into the heart of the city’s vegan landscape, exploring the best restaurants for vegans in London, where innovative, flavorsome, and ethical eating come together.

From the trendy streets of Camden to the historic lanes of Walthamstow, each restaurant on our list is a testament to the creativity and passion infused into vegan cooking. Whether you’re a committed vegan, a curious gastronome, or simply someone looking to delve into the delightful world of vegetarian restaurants in London, UK, this curated selection promises to lead you on a memorable culinary journey. These establishments are not just about serving food; they represent a lifestyle, a conscious choice that harmoniously blends taste with sustainability. Join us as we uncover the hidden gems and celebrated favorites of London’s vegan dining scene, offering a rich tapestry of tastes and experiences across this vibrant city.


Mallow – Borough Market

Amidst the hustle of Borough Market, surrounded by traditional butchers and steakhouses, Mallow emerges as a beacon for plant-based cuisine. As the first vegan establishment in the market, it sets a high standard for vegan restaurants in London Bridge vicinity. The dishes reflect a melange of cultural influences, blending Indian, Middle Eastern, and Japanese elements with a focus on seasonal, low-waste cooking. The colorful and creative menu includes items like warming porridge, a full English breakfast, and innovative cocktails like coriander and thyme-infused bloody marys. Mallow’s commitment to conscious cooking extends beyond the plate, with surplus food being redistributed to local charities.


En Root at The Railway Tavern – Tulse Hill

Located in the welcoming neighborhood of Tulse Hill, En Root brings its Indian-inspired vegan comfort food to life. With their other popular locations in Brixton, Peckham, and Clapham, this establishment is a testament to the excellence of vegan restaurants in London, UK. Their menu includes an array of delectable options like crunchy plantain chaat, tandoori oyster mushroom wings, jerk dosas, and pakora burgers. The standout dish is the Tulse Hill thali, a colorful melange of golden rice, dhal, saag aloo, jerk plantain mushroom mix, rainbow salad, and pickled cabbage & plantain. And for dessert, the unique piña colada pani puri is a must-try.


Pockets – London Fields

Pockets, originally a street-stall, has cemented its place in London Fields thanks to its irresistibly good falafel-stuffed pitta breads. The menu, though simple, is perfected to offer the best falafel experience in London, making it a notable destination among vegan restaurants in London Covent Garden and surrounding areas. The fried potatoes, fresh houmous, and pickled mango sauce are just a glimpse of the flavor-packed offerings at Pockets. This entirely plant-based eatery, known for its long queues, resonates with the essence of vegan-friendly dining in London.


Black Cat – Hackney

In the heart of Hackney, Black Cat serves as a reminder of the grassroots and ethics behind veganism. This independent café champions a community-focused atmosphere, welcoming both staunch vegans and those new to plant-based eating. The menu features dishes like chickpea flour pancakes with roasted vegetables and a variety of curries, showcasing the accessibility and enjoyment of vegan cuisine. With its affordable pricing, generous portions, and fresh ingredients, Black Cat is a standout among vegan restaurants in London, UK.


Korean BBQ and Vegan – Barbican

Though not fully vegan, Korean BBQ and Vegan in Barbican presents a unique fusion of Korean cuisine with vegan options. This halal-certified restaurant offers an extensive vegan menu including dishes like vegan kimchi, dumplings, tofu teriyaki, and more. Situated a few minutes from the Barbican Centre, it’s a casual, no-fuss eatery that caters to both halal and vegan dietary preferences, distinguishing itself in the vegan restaurants in London city scene.


Purezza – Camden

Purezza, located in Camden, has transformed from a Modern British restaurant to a bustling vegan pizzeria. Known for their award-winning pizzas, like the Parmigiana Party and Black Truffle pizza, Purezza has made a name for itself in the London vegan restaurants arena. Their sourdough bases, topped with creative combinations like vegan mozzarella, wild mushrooms, and truffle, are left to prove for two days, ensuring a perfect Neapolitan-style pizza. The cashew-based cheese, featured in various dishes, adds a depth of flavor and creaminess, rivaling traditional dairy cheese.


Spicebox – Walthamstow

SpiceBox in Walthamstow has become a permanent fixture in London’s vegan scene, thanks to its South Indian-style dosas and naans. The fiery jackfruit jalfrezi and the innovative doffle (a dosa-waffle hybrid) are just a couple of the favorites. With an aim to build a chain of vegan fast-food joints across the country, SpiceBox is revolutionizing vegetarian restaurants in London.


The vegan and vegetarian dining scene in London stands as a vibrant testament to the city’s dedication to diverse and sustainable culinary practices. Each restaurant on this list is more than just a dining venue; it’s a showcase of creativity, passion, and dedication to plant-based cooking. These establishments offer a unique journey for the taste buds, catering not only to long-time vegans but also to curious food enthusiasts and those exploring sustainable eating options. They represent an adventure in flavor and a commitment to ethical, environmentally conscious dining.

In this dynamic city, each vegan or vegetarian restaurant offers a distinct experience, whether it’s a cozy café in a hidden alley or a bustling eatery in the heart of the city. They are culinary sanctuaries where every meal is an opportunity to explore new tastes and textures while contributing to a more ethical and sustainable food culture. As you explore these top vegan destinations in London, each bite is not just a gastronomic delight but also a step towards a more compassionate and eco-friendly future. It’s a journey that invites you to embrace the diversity of plant-based cuisine, enriching your culinary experiences while nurturing the planet.

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