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A Complete Guide to London’s Winter Wonderland: All Tips and Ticket Prices

Ready to immerse yourself in the holiday cheer at Hyde Park with Winter Wonderland? We are here to offer you the ultimate guide for Winter Wonderland London 2023. As one of London’s premier Christmas attractions, this delightful family-friendly event is perfect for experiencing the festive season.  This year’s Winter Wonderland lineup is brimming with excitement, from thrilling winter wonderland rides to enchanting shows. Be sure to check the Winter Wonderland London 2023 tickets prices in this guide to have a sneak peek at the best deals and plan your visit. With Winter Wonderland opening times in 2023 already announced, you can start scheduling your visit to align with the best attractions and events. As Winter Wonderland 2023-2024 has already opened its doors, now is the time to explore the vast array of holiday-themed activities and entertainment available throughout the day and into the evening. Here is everything you need to know:

How Long is Winter Wonderland London Open?

Every year, Winter Wonderland in London’s Hyde Park opens on the last Friday of November and runs until early January. This year, that’s Friday, November 17, 2023, and it will stay open until January 1, 2024. So, it has already opened its doors; hurry to grab your ticket! 


What Are the Opening Hours of Winter Wonderland in London?

Winter Wonderland London’s opening hours are from 10.00 am to 10.00 pm every day, except for Christmas Day. Beware that the last entry is at 9.30 pm. Guests are required to arrive at Winter Wonderland during the specific time slot indicated on their entry ticket. But, once inside, you’re free to enjoy the festivities for as much time as you desire. 


Is there an admission fee to enter Winter Wonderland?

Winter Wonderland London 2023 tickets are free during off-peak times, but they cost £5 or £7.50 for peak hours. Charges apply for rides, ice skating, big top shows, the observation wheel and other attractions. Hyde Park is a public park, so as long as you don’t mind braving the cold, you can enjoy all the festive fun at no cost. 


What can I expect to find at Winter Wonderland?

There are plenty of attractions at Hyde Park’s Winter Wonderland, and it also features a large Christmas market with over 200 chalets selling festive gifts, food, and drink. You’ll also find an ice rink, a giant Ferris wheel, Santa’s Grotto, and plenty of other Christmassy attractions. You can find a very detailed list and also the prices for Winter Wonderland attractions and rides below.

Winter Wonderland food and souvenir vendors, with people walking by


Top 5 tips for the best Winter Wonderland experience

Whether you’re a local or visiting London during the holiday season, a trip to Winter Wonderland is a must! Here are a few tips to help you make the most of your experience:

  1. Dress warmly: It may be winter, but that doesn’t mean you should skimp on the layers. Be sure to wear a hat, scarf, and gloves, and don’t forget your comfortable walking shoes. 
  2. Plan ahead: Check the website for attraction opening times and book tickets in advance for any shows or rides you want to see. That way, you won’t waste time queueing up when you could be exploring all the market has to offer. 
  3. Eat early: Avoid the lunchtime rush by grabbing a bite to eat before 11.30 am or after 3.30 pm. Alternatively, take advantage of the fact that many restaurants offer takeaway options and enjoy your meal in one of Hyde Park’s pretty gardens. 
  4. Visit at night: Wondering when to visit Winter Wonderland? It is even more magical after dark when the fairy lights come on and the atmosphere is truly festive. If you can brave the cold, it’s definitely worth staying until closing time! 
  5. Take public transport: How to get to Winter Wonderland at peak hours is another challenge. Although there are some parking options available near Winter Wonderland, they can be expensive and difficult to find. Save yourself the hassle and take advantage of London’s excellent public transport network instead. The nearest tube stations are: Marble Arch, Hyde Park Corner, and Knightsbridge. 

Bonus tip – Keep an eye out for celebrity sightings: Winter Wonderland has been a popular destination for numerous celebrities and VIPs, including notable figures like Catherine the Princess of Wales, Prince George, Gemma Collins, Tom Cruise, Simon Cowell, Holly Willoughby, and Naomi Campbell.  


Aerial view of Winter Wonderland London 2023 with colourful lights


Winter Wonderland London Attractions and Ticket Prices

Winter Wonderland Rides in London are plenty as there are an array of spectacular festive activities. Here are some of the most popular attractions you can look forward to, with peak hours ticket prices: 

  • Magical Ice Kingdom: Discover a world sculpted from over 500 tonnes of ice, featuring secret passageways, an ice slide, and a crystal carriage in the Ice Palace. Ticket price: £9 for adults, £7 for children.

  • Ice Skating with Live Music: Glide on the UK’s largest outdoor ice rink under a canopy of stars, enhanced by vibrant live music. Ticket price: £15 for adults, £10 for children. Plus, £35 for an Ice Guide if you need trained ice skaters to escort you and your group on the ice.
  • Giant Observation Wheel: Enjoy breathtaking views of London’s twinkling lights from high above on the iconic wheel. Ticket price: £9 for adults, £7 for children.
  • Admission to the Ice Bar: Including one cocktail, the Ice Bar offers the most festive bar experience this Christmas. Ticket price: £16.50.
  • Real Ice Slide: Slide downhill with friends and have the most fun at the London Winter Wonderland. Ticket Price: £5.
  • Zippos Circus Attraction: The perfect circus experience for all ages at this festive time. But beware that this show will contain flashing lights throughout the performance. Ticket price: £11.50 for adults, £8.50 for children.
  • Cirque Berserk: If you are into circus thrills and skills, especially dangerous stunts, this one is for you. Ticket price: £15.50 for adults, £12.50 for children.
  • Ice Sculpting Workshops: For those unfazed by chilly fingers, team up with a friend and delve into the Ice Sculpting Workshop at Winter Wonderland. It’s a unique and memorable way to engage with the art of ice, creating your own frozen masterpieces. Plus, it comes with a ticket to Magical Ice Kingdom! Ticket price: £69.50 for two.

  Winter Wonderland the giant Wheel “City Star”  

Winter Wonderland London Rides and Ticket Prices

Winter Wonderland in London offers a thrilling array of rides, catering to all ages and preferences. From heart-pounding roller coasters and towering observation wheels to family-friendly carousels and enchanting train rides, there’s something to delight everyone. Each ride is ticketed separately, with prices varying for peak and off-peak times. Adults, teens, children, and families can choose from a range of ticket options, ensuring an experience that’s both memorable and budget-friendly. Step into this festive paradise and experience the magic of Winter Wonderland with its diverse selection of attractions and rides.

Exhilarating Coasters at Winter Wonderland

Experience the rush of Winter Wonderland’s Exhilarating Coasters. From the high-speed loops of Munich Looping to the wild twists of Wilde Maus, each coaster promises a heart-pounding adventure. Perfect for thrill-seekers looking to experience the epitome of festive excitement.

  • Munich Looping: £10.00
  • Wilde Maus: £7.00
  • EuroCoaster: £7.00
  • Ice Mountain: £7.00
  • The Time Machine: £7.00

High Adrenaline Rides at Winter Wonderland

Get ready for the ultimate thrill with Winter Wonderland’s High Adrenaline Rides. Attractions like The Hangover and Blizzard offer breathtaking speeds and gravity-defying experiences. Ideal for adrenaline junkies craving an intense rush of excitement.

  • The Hangover: £9.00
  • Aeronaut Starflyer: £8.00
  • Blizzard: £9.00
  • XXL: £8.00
  • Airborne: £8.00
  • Dragon’s Nest: £5.00

Family Rides at Winter Wonderland

Winter Wonderland’s Family Rides offer delightful experiences for all ages. Enjoy the whimsical Dr Archibald VR Experience or take a festive spin on the Christmas Tree Ride. These attractions provide fun-filled moments that the whole family can cherish together.

  • Dr Archibald VR Experience: £9.00
  • Christmas Tree Ride: £4.00
  • Haunted Mansion: £7.00
  • Snow Jet: £6.00
  • Helter Skelter: £3.00
  • Après Ski Party Funhouse: £5.00
  • Magic Circus Funhouse: £5.00
  • Traditional Wave Swinger: £5.00
  • Santa’s Sleigh Stop: £5.00

Fun Thrills Rides at Winter Wonderland

Discover the joy of Fun Thrills Rides at Winter Wonderland. Perfect for younger visitors or those seeking lighter excitement, rides like the Santaland Express Train and Flying Jumbo’s deliver smiles and laughter, creating magical memories for everyone.

  • Santaland Express Train: £3.00
  • Racing Coaster: £3.00
  • Flying Jumbo’s: £3.00
  • Santaland Unlimited Ride Pass: £25.00

To purchase tickets for admission, attractions or rides, you can visit the Winter Wonderland website. You will enjoy complimentary admission by pre-spending £25 per person on attractions, rides, games, and food! Family-friendly and suitable for all ages, Winter Wonderland offers a variety of activities for children and adults alike. From the traditional fairground for younger kids to the thrilling roller coasters for older ones, there’s something for everyone.  

Inside a large tent in a winter wonderland setting, fully adorned with lights, there are numerous tables at full capacity.  

Best Food Stalls at Winter Wonderland London and Food Prices

Winter Wonderland hosts one of London’s largest Christmas markets. It’s a haven for unique gifts, arts and crafts, trinkets, and festive decorations, where you can meet friendly vendors and soak in the holiday atmosphere. Further, it also offers the best festive treats you can find in London at Christmas. Here are the most popular food vendors in Winter Wonderland and a sneak peek at their prices:

  • Fondue Restaurant: 2x Fondue with Charcuterie Board £48.00
  • Bavarian Village Food Packages: Mr Bratwurst To Go – Soft Drink £11.50
  • The Jolly Hog Hot Dog Meal: Jolly Dog £12.00, Veggie Dog £12.00

  As we conclude our guide to Winter Wonderland 2023-2024 in London, let’s reflect on the myriad of experiences this enchanting event has to offer. From the exhilarating Munich Looping to the whimsical Santaland Express Train, each ride promises a unique thrill, catering to every age and preference. The Magical Ice Kingdom, a frozen wonder sculpted from ice, and the bustling Christmas markets with their array of festive goods, add to the magical atmosphere. Remember, Winter Wonderland is more than just an attraction; it’s a vibrant celebration of the holiday spirit in the heart of London. When planning your visit, consider the practical aspects to enhance your experience. With ticket prices ranging from the affordable fun of the Santaland Express Train to the grandeur of the Magical Ice Kingdom, there’s an option for every budget. Booking your tickets online can save time and ensure you don’t miss out on any attractions. Don’t forget to sample the culinary delights at the food stalls, where you can indulge in everything from a hearty Bratwurst to a gourmet fondue. Finally, Winter Wonderland is not just a place but an experience that encapsulates the joy and wonder of the festive season. Whether you’re twirling on the ice rink under the starry sky, taking in the cityscape from the Giant Observation Wheel, or browsing the Christmas market for unique gifts, each moment is filled with the magic of winter. As the fairy lights twinkle and the festive music fills the air, immerse yourself in the celebrations and create memories that will last a lifetime. London’s Winter Wonderland is a destination where dreams come to life, and the spirit of Christmas is celebrated in all its glory.


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